Re: pro europa

From: lexie (
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 17:08:08 PST

>>I see, you're asking whether we fishbreath writers should ask you to voluntarily
>>censor your writing here since what you write might be boring to somebody or
>>unrelated to our own personal problems.


>well... i just thought i might be getting obsessive or something...
>loony, ya know... i mean, how would *i* be able to tell

even if you *are*, i for one do the reading, make the response.
outa your hands by then.

but, er, i DO read along, the continuing story.
have even retold ~it~ to amazed friend in oz...

>so... maybe i just said that cause of that little bit of
>guiltfeeling. maybe i thought you guys had also questioned my
>sanity/motives... as much as i have/am.

sometimes i don't feel like part of 'you guys'...
and then i start to question _my_ sanity/motives...

>you know what i mean, steve? when one obsessively transforms
>experience into art, subject into object? i know i am a bit rambling
>here, but i think about it.

neither am i steve.
but i think i know what you mean.
i thought of that perspective while you were writing back from over there...
but i didn't hold that thought.
you do what you do. may seem a bit intense at times, but shit, stuff got done.
i hope you didn't cut your hair off, btw.
you have to put the 'goop' as you call it, on every 7 days, and wet
comb the eggs out as well just to be on the safe side...experience
talking here.

>>Maybe we already feel that way ourselves. That's why it's so quiet.
>nah... lazy, is all. and maybe a bit complacent. or busy, for now.
>people say things when they have something to say, it's always been
>like that, around here. part of its ah, charm. :-)


ok, lazy, complacent and busy.
and now, i seem to have something to say.

i dunno if the 'real-life' stuff that we all happen to do away from
this list is always the only thing to affect how we interact in here.
as usual, i think that steve is making a point i recognise.


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