Re: pro europa

From: Mark (
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 21:32:28 PST

Dear e.,

I've been following most of the saga, and hope you will continue to share it
with us. It brings up all kinds of feelings in me. One of which is guilt
for sitting here amidst plenty and caring more about myself, me me me. New
studio gear that makes my voice sound big and phat instead of tinny and
nasal. Like a new paintbrush. And the ethics of art is such a humdinger
anyway. You shame me, which is good -- you're not the only one. And I like
being around people who are busy living. So much of the internet is
divorced from that. People are busy typing on the internet. Like me now.
fishbreath excels at referencing actual life. Anyway, you're writing. That's
better than not writing. Even if it's on the internet. As opposed to a
nice, authentic (sic) piece of hand-made paper. But anway, please keep on.


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