Re: pro europa

From: ef (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 09:41:28 PST

> > That's why it's so quiet.
>I'm quiet these days because I don't feel like I'm doing or experiencing
>anything worth writing about. and when I try too hard to write about
>nothing, well, it's hollow witticism, which becomes boring to me. So apart
>from kicking my own ass out of the comfy house, I'm not qualified these days
>to write.

well, i seem to be adept at kicking my own ass... but, as you know,
it can get painful... and one does bruise. sooo unattractive. hard to
sit still too, afterwards.

>unlike you, e.

yah, unlike me. but do not lose hope karry... i *know* you have many,
tres creative, fuckups left in you! :-)


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