Re: pro europa

From: Steve (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 16:53:42 PST

I like readin yer writin.

A friend told me she used to be very political, but now she just worked on
herself. Somebody recommended that to her as a way to actively change things
by having one less louse in the world.

I think you're one less louse in the world.

That's what I read

Since we wer on lices.

How much hair do you have?

Like if you cut off a foot of it, would it fill up a big mixing bowl?

And then how many feet of it would you have left over, still on?

On the radio driving home tonight. A tax break. 1.6 trillion. 1.6 trillion
dollars is sixteen times what half the world's population makes in year.
It's more than all the money half the people on earth have survived on since
1985. Was that a Reagan year? Is that a coincidence? And what about all the
people who didn't survive on it?

I guess we need it.

Our economy is slowing.

It's hard to be political. You sit around and think up statistics and gnash
your teeth for others. But where are you?

Not in transylvania.

Weren't you in Transylvania, e.?

Weren't you where we're afraid to visit?

Weren't you kind to people?

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