Re: pro europa

From: ef (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 18:56:06 PST

>I like readin yer writin.
>A friend told me she used to be very political, but now she just worked on
>herself. Somebody recommended that to her as a way to actively change things
>by having one less louse in the world.


>I think you're one less louse in the world.

yet host to many, huh

but seriously... i am as much as a louse as ever. what i do, or try
to do, or do when i can has nothing to do with lousness, or morality
of any kind. i try to do because it is there. cause you know, for all
my lousness i do believe in doing what presents itself to be done.
will, all that.

>How much hair do you have?

well, down to my waist, i dunno, a couple of feet of hair. plus it's
real thick.

>Like if you cut off a foot of it, would it fill up a big mixing bowl?

i dunno.

>And then how many feet of it would you have left over, still on?

about one foot left, if i only cut a foot. but maybe i'll cut the
whole thing real short. *real* short!

>I guess we need it.
>Our economy is slowing.
>It's hard to be political. You sit around and think up statistics and gnash
>your teeth for others. But where are you?
>Not in transylvania.
>Weren't you in Transylvania, e.?
>Weren't you where we're afraid to visit?
>Weren't you kind to people?

all that. but then i write about it and that makes it seem so shallow.

you are better than me, steve. you could let go. of you know, the
need for approval. me, i can't. see? even here... if i see no
replies, i ask: am i alright? are you all mad at me.

i am well steeped in guilt, izzat artistic guilt? haha


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