phonecalls and email

From: ef (
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 14:58:42 PST

email: haller istvan
well, i paid the fine for the family, i might have been able to get
the kids out for free but it might have taken more time so i paid it.
even so, they will only be released tomorrow. i paid the fine from my
own pocket, it came to 1/4 of my salary so my wife was a bit pissed
off, no, don't try to pay me back, i told her what it was for and of
course she understood. she is a mother too.

phone: iren
oh that's terrible, to have to cut your beautiful hair. yes, i think
gyula bacsi's phone works now, they were coming to fix it on friday.
call him on saturday, katika will be so happy.

thank you, thank you zsoka. thank you a lot.

we're okay. was the money for milkpowder included in what you left
us. oh, okay. janoska wants to talk to you too.

hello. hello. are you here. oh. are you in canada. no, i wasn't
scared just a bit. when are you coming back.

zsuzsa said you said you would have liked to take janoska home with
you to canada. you didn't want to ask. you could have asked. yes i
would have. he could go with you if you want. that expensive, that's
a lot. when are you coming back.

phone: gyula bacsi:
i need to talk to you, i got a bill for the taxes, it's a lot. how.
we had to break the toilet because the watermain was plugged. the
water is okay now but we have to go in a bucket. okay, how. anna is
going to take care of that, that's good. you will call her, okay. the
toilet, go see noemi, she will, okay. two weeks then, i won't see her
for two weeks after. that's fine, we'll be fine. no wardrobe yet, no,
well, they haven't moved yet. anna too, she will bring a carpet after
she sells her house. that's okay. we have what we need. oh and zsoka,
if people, you know who, say things, don't you believe them. i did
lot's of repairs, even more. and when you come, it won't cost you
anything to live, you come here, with us. you'll be fine.

zsoka neni. yes, i like it here. i am going to pass to second grade.
i am doing really well in school. second grade, zsoka neni. when are
you coming back.


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