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From: Steve (
Date: Fri Mar 16 2001 - 15:26:19 PST

You're e.

That's a good thing to be.

I think you should write about being e. In a book. And get it published.

Then you should take the money from the book and continue being e.

I don't think you should write about other people, except as they come to
visit in the book. Like the way it is in real life. That way it will be
easier to write. And truthful, because you're the only person whose thoughts
you actually know.

If you do that then I'll write one, too. But if you don't, I won't either.
That would be a lot easier.

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> i am starting to feel like a total fuckup. oh, i know it ain't so,
> perhaps in some eyes, but me, i think, here comes the hole.
> things-to-dust, what's-the-use, etc.
> i have to let go of the romania thing cause i can't continue. i
> can't, i have run out of resources, you know, every kind, i think. i
> strongly suspect that my friends are starting to think me nuts.
> obsessed, ya.
> which is probably the truth.
> -e

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