Re: fuckup

From: ef (
Date: Sat Mar 17 2001 - 21:22:02 PST

>You're e.
>That's a good thing to be.
>I think you should write about being e. In a book. And get it published.

yah right.

i did, once, -whadda fool- try. got rejected too, rather
spectacularly. the guy, having sat on it for a whole year, finally
deigned it "too emotionally distanced from the material". oke, so
even tho i knew that to be idiotic... hell, i work very hard at, i
dunno, leaving... air... in the stuff, paring back melodramatic
superfluities... i *still* got fucked up by it all, you know, the
rejection. i take rather badly to rejection, very badly, in fact. the
ah, effluvia of my rather interesting childhood, that is. i know it
but i cannot control it. so i never tried again. that's what i do, i
get rejected once and i never try again.

>Then you should take the money from the book and continue being e.

hahahaha... oops, sorry :-)

>I don't think you should write about other people, except as they come to
>visit in the book. Like the way it is in real life. That way it will be
>easier to write. And truthful, because you're the only person whose thoughts
>you actually know.

it is true that i only know myself. but then again, i may also know
others by that very fact, maybe, i mean, if i am to be truthful. or i
can pretend to know, even believe to know... but hell, fuckit, we all
know that. or not. wheeee!

>If you do that then I'll write one, too. But if you don't, I won't either.
>That would be a lot easier.

oh please, don't wait for me... mine is already written, here, ya
know. and let us not forget the paperbags... graffiti, ya know.


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