Re: fuckup

From: Steve (
Date: Sun Mar 18 2001 - 08:51:15 PST

> hell, i work very hard at, i
> dunno, leaving... air... in the stuff, paring back melodramatic
> superfluities... i *still* got fucked up by it all, you know, the
> rejection. i take rather badly to rejection, very badly, in fact. the
> ah, effluvia of my rather interesting childhood, that is. i know it
> but i cannot control it. so i never tried again. that's what i do, i
> get rejected once and i never try again.

Another thing you do is verbalize your fears into permanence.

You can't take the vitality out of writing in order to stave off criticism.
You just write dead then. And get criticized. And it's torture to write.
And you avoid doing it. Because you're putting a gag on.

Stop worrying about melodrama...... black drama isn't it literally? Aren't
you the black haired black clothed dramatic performer? So what's wrong with
that? I'd like to see out of those eyes.

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