Re: letter to zoli

From: John (
Date: Sat May 12 2001 - 21:13:24 PDT

What mesmerized me about e's sojourn to the old country was
how much was fiction how much metafiction how much a song
a painting a joke being proffered on the Net on the fly out memory
imagination spite pity sorrow ache in the genitals. Just couldnt
tell for sure what was going on with all the characters swirling
around the narrator, still dervishing, ever more keening kidding
killing them dead then praising the audience for being such
a great audience I love you fucking jerks do they think this
is easy let me tell you another just one more then outahere.

Best stuff e has done since being put up there on the mantel.

Unbelievably unbelievable fine stream of consciencelessness.

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