Re: letter to zoli

From: lexie (
Date: Sun May 13 2001 - 11:31:43 PDT

the thing is, when i engage, it goes straight into my subconscience.
last night, and the night before last i dreamt, aching dreams which
woke me up with a headache the kind i get from gritting my teeth at
night from chomping my jaw tight holding in some nebulous fear of
i dreamt that ef and me were running something, running is all
we did, and me keeping my jaw tightly clenched, we ran after children
in a strange place. i didn't know the language the people were
scattered and the ground seemed covered with grease, the kind that
builds up on the floor of a mechanics shop. we were trying to help
them, kids, but they were children and slippery and as we gave
something to one, another popped up, when we tried to follow another
she disappeared, we ran after them saying things like you say to
horses you are trying to catch, when they are scared of being caught
but you need to fix their cuts, get them out to a greener pasture.

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