bad stuff

From: ef (
Date: Thu Jun 07 2001 - 23:34:58 PDT

i talked to romania day before yesterday... and also yesterday... so
now i am really upset... cause some of the stuff is bad. not the
grandfather stuff, that was a little bad but i fixed it... but some
other stuff, the other kids, they look very bad, very bad. and jozsi
is real bad too, cause iren is dying. i need to do something and i
don't know what to do.

noemi said she sees the children out on the streetcorner till late
evening. filthy, hungry, begging. she said it scared her.

well, you know, there are details but now i am a little afraid of
telling you all cause maybe it is too depressing, you know, my
obsession with this. i am a bit scared that maybe you all are getting
tired of it. so i stop myself from writing about it.

but it hurts my head. for a while now it has been better, and so i
have been able to think, work, make other things. but now my head
hurts again. well, maybe my heart hurts... but i don't like to say
things like my heart hurts. i am not supposed to have a heart, well,
not that kinda heart, just ask some people around here. i am supposed
to be the ultimate cruel bitch; i have a reputation to maintain,
don't i.


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