Re: bad stuff

From: ef (
Date: Fri Jun 08 2001 - 16:15:20 PDT

>e, if you don't write about then it'll come out that you're making
>it up sitting in the kitchen carnage while your kids and asshole
>are out for the day, thank minerva.

how did you know??

but the fucking longdistance-from-romania emailings really made hubby
upset, i mean hey, okay so he is an investment broker but the techs
still are tanked to hell

>Or you'll get kicked off this prime farmland aching for malldom.

that reminds me, what with the recent difficulties, where *is* the
closest walmart. mr. new's postings to that effect, *were* the reason
i joined this newsgroup

>Or you'll find yourself rooting for a different way of looking at
>at at at.

austria? australia? attabasca??

hubby married me for my cheerleading talent.

>I don't fully trust Mark Chello, as a rich artist, you know, miserable.
>I do believe he's a gladiator. For that I'd pay full price, and a surcharge
>to restore the Original coliseum.

oilstocks, huh.

>In case you're wondering WTF, I now understand metastasis of a
>mole into a a a a.

does walmart offer cosmetic surgery?


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