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Date: Thu Jun 21 2001 - 12:12:12 PDT

>Being rich has problems, one being that you better not
>talk about the problem to anyone who is not rich, the
>other being that there is no topic more interesting to
>talk about than the problems of being rich.

being unrich has problems, one being that you better not talk about
the problem to anyone who is rich, the other being that there is no
topic more interesting to talk about to the rich than the problems of
being rich.

>When I got rich listening to the rich complain endlessly
>about their special problems, I told myself if you want to stay
>rich be sure to never talk about it or people who are not
>rich will do their very best to relieve you of your problem.

being unrich, i have no sympathy for the endless complaints of the
special problems of the rich. i tell myself that since i will never
shut up about the unrich the rich will do their very best to ignore
me lest they feel i am trying to relieve them of their problem.

>So I don't talk about being rich, instead practice being unrich,
>imitate the unrich, lie about how tough it is being poor,
>how much I hate the rich, hit the rich up for contributions,
>attack miserliness. Wink knowingly.

so i don't suck up to the rich, or imitate the rich, instead i tell
about how tough it is to be poor,and because i don't suck up or
imitate it makes me very unpopular with the rich seeing as they
prefer their guiltpills sugarcoated with admiration for their
magnanimity. at them i glare knowingly: i hate the rich.

>With the rich I commiserate, tend their wounds, share
>their pain, swap stories about being hounded by the
>unrich, moan tales of trust betrayed, wink knowingly.

with the rich, i have no stories to swap, since i know the rich
prefer commiseration, their richwounds tended, their richpain shared
and i know too of their profound boredom of tales of the desperate,
of those even even poorer than me the unrich, me the telltale of
unpleasantness, me the peasant, me the unrich, me who hates the rich.
how much did that fucking rug cost, and how many loaves of bread does
it take to fill a mausoleum..

>And quietly, methodically go about grabbing from the rich
>and unrich as much as possible in order to give it all
>to a select few for a year or two, then cut it off without
>explanation, to rip hearts and rend minds.

and i scream and yell and whine and cajole and love those that do and
hate those that don't and then i give it all, everyone give it all,
cause they are us, the starving, but for geographical and otherwise
fortune. i have starved too, haven't you. i'd eat the rich but for
their secondhand, rotten, taste.

>This is a formula I learned from the unrich and the rich
>who had been around the track holding hands whispering
>how to keep off the books of the Man.

no taxwriteoffs. feel the pain. har.


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