how the hell to get unlethargic

From: ef (
Date: Sun Jul 15 2001 - 22:09:18 PDT

i am totally not able to work on that there project i am supposedly
working on, you know, the one blessed by the lovely canadacouncil
grant and which i am supposed to have finished by september. berrrr.

and which project hath mutated rather ah, extensively seeing as it
kinda inadvertently became romania and my adventuring therein.

except that i haven't done what i am supposed to do... okay so the
cd-rom (well, the money for pressing same somehow mutated into the
airplane ticket for fathersaviorfinding last august... and then the
rest, well you know)... okay so i can take all that i done and
organize it into an attractiveish something-on-the-web instead, i
think i can get away with that... but see the biggest problem is that

i can't seem to get around to it. you know, to organize, code, draw
paint write music FUCK I DON'T WANT TO DO ANYTHING AT ALL blech

so ah what should i do i mean i have to do something but

how do you start

when you don't feel like it

but ya have to

cause if ya don't

your name will be mud



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