on the phone, yesterday

From: ef (ef@somewhere.net)
Date: Sat Jul 28 2001 - 10:17:40 PDT

talked to the grandfather:

well zsoka, he says, the water is fixed. we had to dig up all the
pipes, they were rusted through. we replaced them with new ones. cost
a bit more than we thought, so i took an advance on the food money.
we are okay, don't worry. and guess what, yesterday we had our first
baths with the hotwater, katika and me. first katika had the bath,
and then me. it was very fine, having a bath like that, and the
bathtub i had built work just fine.

finally, i say, i sure am happy to hear that. so what else is new thereabouts.

well, he says, the roof has started to leak. i think the beams are
rotten cause the rooftiles are falling off. i climb up to put them
back but then they fall off agai. wood for the beams doesn't cost
much and jozsi will help me put them up. in the meanwhile, i'll put
some plastic up.

oh well, i say, i kinda expected that, nobody had lived in the house
for years, it was falling apart a bit. i saw what shape the roof was
in. we have enough money for the beams, grandfather. no need to worry.

oh, he says, i forgot to tell you. i went to see anna, she gave me a
copy of the papers for the house. so i can register katika as living
here, with me. what a nice lady she is, he says. you know, she sat me
down at the table and offered me coffee and we had a nice talk. and
she is going to keep the originals of the papers at her house, so
they will always safe. what a nice lady, he says. and then she said i
could pick all the apples i want from the apple tree in her yard. so
i did that, i must have picked at least five kilos. i picked them for
melinda, so the children could have a bit of a feast. i feel so bad
for those children, he says. katika took them over, she is over there
right now.

katika, he says. katika is the light in my eyes, the glow in my heart.


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