From: ef (
Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 13:11:13 PDT

i'm working on my project now... you know, the whole romania, every
piece of mail in a comprehensible interface project... which is not
what i got the grant to do but what the fuck, it is what i did. life
as art, i guess. so i hope it will pass muster cause otherwise i
shall never again experience the largesse of the canadian government
art charity. as i did get that grant in august of last year... which
i plundered for my 1st trip to romania. and august 31 is the dealine
for me to show them i actually made something.

anyways... this is quite a huge undertaking, seemingly... as i search
through fishbreath for all things romanian. i think i might go nuts trying
to stick all this into some semblance of linearity and unlinearity.
visually, it's gonna be simple... but there is a fuck of a lot of
text. and, of course, i have to leave it openended as life and
romania keep on rolling along. so i need to be able to update it.

and i will give you guys a url to gaze-upon once i have a
work-in-progress that is gazeable-upon, that is.

i consider this project as having been collaborative. i did not do it
alone, all of you contributed. that's part of what makes it so neat.
the other part is that if i succeed i can demonstrate how life turns
to fiction. what i mean to do is to have the various stages of
fictionalization, the going, the doing, the writing to and from the
list, the picking bits from the list and transmogrifying. or
something like that.

so... i have a question... so far, i have blanked out all your names
in the mails that will go onsite. but it would be neat not to have to
do that. also, see above, i kinda think i would be neat to be able to
list all the contributors on a separate page. but then again, some
people may not want their names at all on the site.

there are three ways to approach this:

1. no names anywhere, in all headers and signatures all names (except
for mine) blanked out by, i dunno, "xxx" or something. or i could use
pseudonyms of your choice.

2. first names only, the rest blanked. everywhere.

3. first names on the mails (also in headers but that is a given),
however i list you all on the contributors page with full names. and
if you want, links to your emails, urls, whatever. optional as per
individual preferences.

what do you think? i will do as you wish. individual preferences. and
if any of you also want to contribute to the site, anything at all
that relates to what we have done or are doing, you are most welcome


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