everything great

From: ef (ef@somewhere.net)
Date: Sat Aug 11 2001 - 11:28:30 PDT

just talked to the grandfather a few minutes ago... well, you know
how i am always afraid of new catastrophes... haha, well there
*ain't* any! ... not only that, but there are nothing but good
news... a miracle occured, in that both jozsi and mihaly got work
thorugh cityhall in vasarhely, which means they can stay at home, and
don't have to go to hungary. real jobs! and they will be working
together, and as jozsi, the strong and responsible person he is, has
taken upon himself to step in and to keep mihaly in line. all this
according to the grandfather.

and also, iren is doing a bit better, due to the medicines they could
afford to buy... which was due to us. that help we gave them really
did go a long way... because they were assured that there is someone
in the world that really does care. it seems to have inspired jozsi
to help out his sister, melinda. of course, the grand father also
might have had a hand in this.

perhaps they now believe in something, perhaps themselves, perhaps
their own value. perhaps they no longer feel totally desperate and
abandoned. heh... i dunno... i am being hungarianly emotional at this

and then the grandfather had a little cry on the phone... see, katika
so much wanted a letter that i finally girded my loins and wrote them
one... in capital letters so katika could read it... and with lots of
neat little graphics... kinda like a storybook. i also asked three
little girls from this building where i live to write her a page
each, and they did... which i translated into hungarian on the backs
of them. i also included an addressed envelope for katika to write

well, they received the letter this week, and the grandfather was so
happy that he started crying! heh... and then him being so happy made
me real happy so i almost started crying too... fucking hungarians,

anyways, he wrote back rightaway... he said, i know how to write, you
know. you will be surprised how nice i write too. and then he said,
so then you write us back again, right away, promise. and please, he
said, could you ask those nice little misses to please send pictures
of themselves so we can see what they look like. those nice little
misses who wrote us, he said.


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