Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2000 20:54:25 -0800
From: ef
Subject: hungary


i am thinking of going to hungary... i got this here grant to do a thing... just in time too, seeing as i was on the brink of serious starvation... except then i got to do a website for money... which i really really hate doing but what the fuck... dog's gotta eat, ya know, with money from the evil forestry guys... who are driving me crazy with their decision-by-committee undo undo crap... so anyways, then i got this here grant that i was not even expecting, i totally forgot i applied for it and then it an envelope arrived, fuck, more junkmail i thought but luckily i looked before pitching and so then i gave a little (discreet) screamette, yowza, and rightaway took several friends out to dinner... and now i am thinking i might go to transylvania to do the thing i have been wanting to do for ages.

the thing i have been wanting to do is a thing my father wanted to do but then he really didn't have the money to do and then he croaked, oh you know. fathers do that, they die. the thing he wanted to do was to go up into the mountains of transylvania which is not really hungary but romania although it was the oldest part of hungary until it got snatched in some battle and all the hungarians are still real pissed about that and make lots irate parlamentarian speeches about it but the romanians just go, haha, fuck you. so there it sits, the oldest part of hungary, in the middle of romania, and the romanians really hate all the people who live there, and the people who live there really hate the romanians. the usual shit.

the thing my father wanted to do was to go up into the mountains and find a little village where a man lives, well, he too might have croaked by now, cause now he'd be very old. this man saved his life during ww2. as he told it, the family legend, there he was at the front, having been taken there by the hungarian army which was allied to germany, to essentially make croak digging ditches as they would do to young men of his racial/religious/whatever persuasion. and as he was vigourously being encouraged into the afforementioned state of non-being by an enthusiastic application of beating, a giant in the uniform of the hungarian transylvanian regiment appeared. after a minute or so of watching the festivities, he turned to the other army guys and said, well, why don't you just give me that there jew and i'll take care of it. the other army guys laughed, said sure. so the giant grabbed my father and slung him over his shoulder and walked off with him towards the woods. and kept walking. and then he nursed my father back to health and hid him in a village until the end of the war.

this is how my father survived the war. his wife and kid and parents and brothers got croaked, though.

anyways, as i said, he always wanted to go find the giant transylvanian, the family legend. i have his name and the name of his village in the mountains. konya antal from zagony. i might have even mentioned this story before, i have been thinking about it for a while. to go there and make a little miracle or something. the guys might be dead now but his family will still be in the village, people there stick around.

as i said, i might have mentioned all this before, seeing as it has been on my mind a while.

but now it looks like i almost have the money to go. almost enough, just a bit more, maybe the forest evilguys will pay up in time. cause if i go this year, i have to go in the next few weeks, can't travel in the mountains after mid september, things get snowed in. and i would still have to arrange for i dunno, a guide or something.

i will know in a few days.

isn't that exciting? i sure sure could use an adventure and a miracle-ing. miracle-ing is, you know, the best. fluxus. art. and free.