Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 09:19:09 -0700
From: ef
Subject: nogood news from romania


well, the latest is that the free lawyer we were hoping for fucked off somewhere so that is no longer possible. i phoned another hungarian i know there - he doesn't hate gypsies quite as much as most, just a teeny tiny bit, but hell, wants to impress canadians so he is helping - and he knows a good lawyer that he is talking to tonight. i will call him tomorrow to get the news. he too says that this eviction crap is happening all over vasarhely

i am to call him tomorrow. i hope the lawyer takes it on. in either case, it is now unavoidable, i must go there. so i am arranging for a ticket today. which probably means i leave in about 2 weeks. won't make the hearing, but can deal with things after. i can't rely on zoli anymore, he has enough troubles of his own, it's not fair of me to dump all this on him too.

i guess i will go buy some warm clothes to take along for the kids. there is a greatbig sallyann around the corner, i can load up there. and someone i know collected a bunch of babyclothes too.

yaya, don't worry, i'll be careful.