Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 14:29:52 -0800
From: ef
Subject: there is more, she said


today we went to buy toys, x-mas presents. me, and lajos-the-hungarians' girlfriend, eszter-the-hungarian. i am staying at their place here, in budapest. then me and lajos wrapped them all up real nice, with bows and all. you know, to bring happiness.

i am waiting for zoli to get here, so that he can help me with the packages, and then we are getting on the bus to vasarhely. zoli is on his way here, finally decided to take the bus instead of hitch-hiking, that after i freaked majorly in his direction in email. cause there is no way he would have been let cross the border that way. so then i got mail from him that said, ah, could you please meet me at the bus depot cause, ah, i have never been to budapest which ain't exactly papucsfalva. papucsfalva translates to the village of slippers. kinda a joke name for hick villages. so, yeah, me and lajos will trudge down to the depot tommorrow morning. i have no idea what zoli looks like so that should be interesting.

i talked to people in vasarhely. the lawyer feels there is nothing to be done. that they have about 30 days.

then i talked to iren, asked for melinda. while i was talking on the phone, iren said when you come, i really need to talk to you. you should know some things, she said. tell me, i said. no, there are people here, she said. then melinda came so i told her i was coming, figuring the news allaround was so dismal at least they could get excited about that.

about a half hour ago i called again, cause i still hadn't talked to gyula bacsi. iren came to the phone, she said he waa already asleep, that the window was dark. then she told me:

that mihaly had not gone to hungary at all, that he only took the money to go but never went.

i said i figured that one out, yeah.

then she told me:

everything you ever gave them he has sold. the earings that you took out of your ears and gave to melinda and that she said they put in the baby's ears. they didn't. mihaly traded them for that little dog you saw. but they have now sold the little dog too. i said, i am bringing stuff for the children, presents and warm clothes. then i sighed.

where did the money go, i said. she said, food.

then she said:

please keep this to yourself, everything i am telling you.

and i said, well, here is a thing that you should not tell. we are going to get gyula bacsi a little house. do you think that i good idea, i said. and please understand that that is about all we can do. she said, a good idea. us, she said, we are going to refuse to leave. and if the police come, i will call cameras and reporters. we are refusing to leave, she said.

then she said, i am sorry but there is more:

melinda won't give any food to katika. sometimes when they are eating, she won't give katika anything. i think she hates katika, she said, because gyula bacsi loves her.

she said:

mihaly is drinking again, melinda made him take the pledge but now he has started again. he is drunk, she said.

then she said:

he beat up janoska really badly because he didn't want to go wash car windows.

they look horrible, those poor children, she said. those poor poor children, she said.