Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2001 08:29:22 -0800
From: ef
Subject: sicker


i am getting sicker. i can't seem to eat, and if i do, i get the runs all night. right now, dry toast is about all that i can down.

i either poisoned myself with the fucking fleaspray, or i got some kinda dysentary... which is not something i counted on, seeing as this ain't mexico or anything. but hell, poverty is unsanitary, hah.

fuck, it could be a million things

also the fleas... they are no longer biting my body, i got rid of those, but now there seem to be a few living in my hair... it's fucking hell. they are feeding off my neck and skull. and no matter how often i wash my hair it does no good... i guess i just have too much hair to hide in. fuck. unless i can find some means short of kerosene to get rid off them, i might have to cut my hair... blech... years worth of foliage... but this itching is horrid.

also the not eating and the runs...

but i am surviving all this, well so far.

tomorrow the courthouse is open so we can go arrange some papers, about time. also i am gonna try to arrange for fumigation, otherwise they will be moving the bugs along with them.

tomorrow i will also be trying to arrange for a doctor for the children. grandfather told me katika had a hole in her heart when she was born, doctors said she would outgrow it by the time she was 7, but then she is now 10 and no one ever checked whether in fact she has outgrown it or whether she will just drop dead one day.

it looks like i will have to put myself as part owner of the house as it would be too easy for someone to attack ownership if grandfather dies, katika being a minor and katika being the only person he wishes as inheritor. well, i am okay, besides katika. but no one else, he trusts no one else, he says melinda, his daughter is too stupid and that mihaly his son-in-law is a lazy ass, all he knows is to make children.

well, grandfather does tend to tell it like is is, haha.

two kids are sitting here beside me, mihaly-the-kid, and his best pal tibi. they have been watching me write for the best part of an hour now... patiently... brought me chocolate and crackers too... mihaly wants to show the pictures we took, the ones of them on the web, to his pal. so we are gonna do that right now.