Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 13:03:17 -0700
From: ef
Subject: update


bought phonecard. called the rev (this time, benjamin, noemi's husband, co-rev). told him melinda's situation, we decided to take some money from grandfather's foodfund and pay the utilities bill. that's gives her more of a chance at trial. the grandfather fund is still enough till june or so.

he said, he really likes grandfather, saw him working at something, thinks him honest and industrious. this is good... fucking very good. benjamin had some bad experiences with gypsies in the village where he is from; is kinda bigotted as a result. but he likes grandfather, likes katika, grandfather/katika gypsy; banjamin coming around. about fucking time. but gotta be careful, me. not push him too far, being the cynic i am. of course, all cynics are but dissppointed idealists, n'est-ce pas. i make the decision to refuse the ugliness i know too well.

i am trying to manipulate him into taking mihaly-junior on in some kinda mentor capacity. you know, to teach him, readingwriting etc. thus, i sang his accolades: kid is smart, really trying to read, etc. he was suitably impressed. says they finally moved back into church, renovations almost finished. that he will consider mihaly.

i don't even care if mihaly turns religious or something. being the atheist i am, i still don't care. if this works, if this happens, mihaly will have a future. that's all that matters. romania ain't canada.

also emailed the halleristvan. about melinda. he wrote me back, said jozsi, iren's husband had already talked to him and that he will try to help melinda too. tell her what to do/say at trial. so all we can do is hope.

then i called melinda. talked to jozsi first cause the phone is at their place. no, actually, i talked to a kid first, he picked up the phone. do you remember me, the kid said, jozsi-junior. we went to macdonalds! he said. one of the extrakids that came with us, the night before i left, he was. all the eldest sons in the families are named after their father. also, they acquire the same nicknames as their fathers; jozsi's nick is koki, mihaly's tata, jeno's pipi. sometimes it gets fucking confusing.

so i talked to a junior, then the dad-jozsi. he sounds pretty bad, iren was taken back to the hospital this morning. said, they want to operate. she is very ill. he came back from hungary where he was working. jozsi is a very serious guy, very responsible... if anything happens to his wife, they are sunk. five kids. he won't be able to go work in hungary anymore.

then melinda came, and i told her to take the utilities bills up to the church. this is really lastminutesavior stuff, they were coming to cut off water and electricity tomorrow. so... you know, got lots of thanks! thanks! thanks! and she was off, running to the revs, then running to proeuropa. one good thing about melinda is that she is a fighter.

so that's what's new. lora helped me with all this, went to the store and got me the phonecard. also listens when i get depressed about it all, when i think it all impossible. when i think life sucks and humans are all shits. which helps. no, not the thinking that way, that does nothing at all, whether i think that all is shit or whether i think that all is not shit makes absolutely no difference, nothing changes, we all croak at the end. the thing is to act, to do. do it cause it's there to do.

but still, it helps when people talk me out of the shit part, haha.

want some more recipes? i'm a pretty good cook :-)