Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 12:19:34 -0700
From: ef
Subject: progress


i have managed to pull off a few things. thanks to you all.

i have transferred the money to the revs and have told them how it is to be distributed:

4,000,000 lei (about $120) to jozsi, he is to pick it up tomorrow. this is for iren's medicines which are fucking expensive and which they have not been able to buy, and also so he can pay something to the nurses at the hospital. he is the one who has been at the hospital all day, taking care of his wife, the nurses refuse to do so unless he pays them. fucking assholes. i talked to him yesterday, he sounds awful. he had been fishing at the poluted river so the kids have something to eat. anyways, what we are sending him will help him over the next month or two... it is not enough for iren's operation, but now the doctors are demanding 15 million for that and at that there is no guarantee she would survive it. so that's not an option, at this time. we don't have enough.

1,500,000 (55 bucks) lei to the grandfather to finally get water in the house. they have to dig up the ground cause the pipes are rusted out. the grandfather and a friend of his will do the work, we are providing the money for the materials.

$200 for the continued support of the grandfather and katika. this is for their weekly 10 bucks.

and i sent a bit more for sundry things like paying the gas bill and for a graduation from 1st grade present for katika.

this is the money i transferred, there remains in the account about 150 bucks. for the emergencies which *will* come up, and also cause i need to figure out some way to help melinda+kids but i haven't figured out how, yet. any ideas would be welcome. i hear the police are getting very harsh again and gyuszika got busted for begging.

the reverend noemi is 8 1/2 months preggies so she is kinda limited in how she can help. she can't go out to buy them food or anything like that... and we dare not give them money directly cause their father will just take it. noemi does try to help... i mean, besides the fact that she really doesn't like gypsies... hell, i can deal with that as long as i keep calm. she means well, she tries. i guess fear and hatred is cvlturally inbred. and you cannot change yourself unless you are willing to honestly face yourself. something like that.

i wish i could go there again. i can do so much more when i am there. you know, no one ever read those kids stories, before me.

janoska tells everyone that if he washes all his clothes i will come and get him.