Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 10:45:03 -0700
From: ef
Subject: about no bad news


i read it over. see my project is now all that happens in romania, i mean it has to be that, that is what's in my head. seemingly, there is no room for anything else. big surprise, huh. so now i am trying to archive all that we are saying, me, and of course, you. the story is us, also. so i read over things, to see where they fit.

i read over no bad news. and i had to laugh. see, i always try to report the things, events, phonecalls, as truthfully as possible. try not to colour them. of course, ones person always tints them a tad, that is inescapable --yes, the jy fiction effect-- but hell, i try hard.

what made me laugh is that, here, for once, all the news are not the latest bad news but nice, all's well news. rare news, to savour. make happy news. so i type it all in, 10 minutes after the phonecall.

to have it all sound incredibly hokey, i mean, "katika is reading about the sun"... blech, sentimental horseshit. but that really is what she said, i am reading about the sun, she said, and thus i reported it back to you. did i cringe, yes. am i cringing again, oh boy, am i cringing again.

see, the ironic thing is that tragedy writes better.