This is Janoska, 8 years old.

So I went up to him and asked him, what. What, I said, why are you looking through the garbage. A toy, he said. I'd like to find a toy. He was looking to see if he could find something. He had found two plastic boxes so he had them in his arms.

He was such a little kid, someone had done a real bad job of shaving his head. It was full of nicks. He was wearing nothing but a grownoutof pair of pants. Barefoot. How old are you, I said. He looked about 5.


Gyuszi, 11 years old. Attends the supposed "Helping School". which is nothing but a gypsy children's warehouse. They teach them nothing.

When he was about 5, he was hit by a car and developed a brain fever. Now everyone thinks him slow.

He is not slow, in fact, he is quite intelligent. Only he forgets things easiy. And he's very sensitive. He feels things very deeply and gets angry... gets into fights a lot.


Marcika, 7 years old. Mother tried to get both him and Janoska into school... the ubiquitous "Helping School"... seeing as that is all that is available for them... gypsy children are automatically deemed "delayed". The school refused to take them. Maybe next year, they said.

Katika, 10 years old. She is the only one of the children to attend a real school, as she, before all the misfortunes befell the family, was being raised by her grandfather... who fought the authorities for her. Unfortunately, she is still in first grade... due to being totally ignored in school. Guess why.

Katika is very sweet... she is always trying to take care of the others. I bought her the sweater she is wearing... she wore it every day I was there.


Mihaly junior, he is the oldest. He is 14, and in 7th grade in the "Helping School". He too knows neither to read or write. But he sure would like to. He knows he doesn't have a chance... he said to me, I don't want to end up like my parents.

He is sporting a nice scab cause Gyuszi was being beaten up in school and he went to his defense. So he got beat up instead.

There are 9 children in the family, these and 4 other younger children at home. Margitka 5, Bobby, 3, Szilike 2 and the baby, Erzsike. Erzsike had to stay in the hospital where she was born for 4 months cause the parents were not able to buy the milk powder needed to feed her. She is now at home.