Mihaly and Melinda Gabor, the parents of the children.

All the pictures on these pages were taken the day I left Vasarhaly. I had borrowed a camera and we had a big picturetaking festival. The last picture this family had of their children was one of Mihaly Junior when he was 3. It was displayed on the wall, that picture.


Mihaly and Melinda with four of the children plus a cousin.


There are five families living in the courtyard, in that run down building. But it's a place to live, lot better than having no home at all.

Taking pictures was really something to be celebrated. All the families came out of the courtyard, everyone dressed in their finest. And when the pictures were developed, I put them in ban album and sent it to them, in Revolutie street..

Here is Gyula Bacsi, the grandfather.

Gyula bacsi lives with Mihaly and Melinda and the nine children because when Mihaly lost his job they also lost their place... and so they had to move into Gyula bacsi's one room. So there is 12 people living there now.

But things have now changed...



A few of the boys from the other families. They are all pretty good friends. Almost all the chidren beg on the street, they have no choice, really. There simply is not enough money to for food, otherwise.


The ladies of Revolutie Street.

One of the ladies very shyly asked me if I could take a picture of them too. Sure, I said. So here they are. Iren is the woman on the right.

I just heard Iren is in the hospital, had a heart attack. I think it might have been brought on by the upcoming eviction... everyone is very scared.