Gyuszi's Bicycle

i bought two bicycles, one for janoska, and one for gyuszi. i had to get two, down at the used bikes market, from that old man with the kindly face. cause the one that fit janoska was tiny and Gyuszi looked so sad. so i said, what the hell, and sprung for two.

you should have seen gyuszi, furiously pedaling, racing down the street, look at me, look at me. i have a bicycle, he shouted to all the kids on the street. then he turned to me, that boy there said i must have stolen it. don't you listen to him, i said.

the next day their father traded gyuszi's bicycle for an old colour tv.

they took my bicycle, gyuszi says to me. i know, i say to him. we're walking down the street. he sighs and takes my hand.