Mihalyka Asks Me

one day, when the children were at the playground, a hungarian man came out from one of the houses and beat them with a whip. stinking gyspies, he said, get away from here.

mihalyka asks me if children are beaten in canada. i say, no.

another day, i am sitting on a chair at their place. their mother is standing at the standing at the rusty stove, cooking some soup. the children are noisy, playing with the ball i brought. melinda grabs a belt, wraps it around her hand and runs from one to another, whacking at them. i didnt tell you that the mother also beats them. with a belt. did i.

but she does not hit them hard... she so is very tired all the time. too young, skinny and undernourished. nine kids and herself a child.

so i also say, your mother is just tired.