I dreamt that I was in that room where all the little gypsy children had been told to go to sleep. They were told to go to sleep, yes, because there was no food to eat. So they all lay down in twos and threes on couches and beds all around the room, huddled under the blankets, yes, because you see it was very cold. And then my father appeared in the room. He appeared wearing a suit that was a little bit short at the wrists and ankles. I remember thinking to myself that he seemed to have grown a bit since I saw him last. And when he appeared all the children, all around the room, on all the couches and beds, sat up. All around the room, on all the couches and beds, they threw off the blankets and they all sat up, smiling. And they had icecream cones in their hands. Icecream cones appeared in their hands, in every little hand, as they sat up all around the room and I remember, just before I woke up, I felt very happy.